Photography isn't our job... it's our passion.

When you choose NolanSkipper Studios, you're hiring professional craftsmen who know the intricacies of their trade. We are CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), members of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) & Professional Photographers of Ohio. We also compete in regional and international competitions to hone our skills and prove we have what it takes to create beautiful, timeless, masterpieces.

At NolanSkipper Studios, we feel that we're never done learning. We attend workshops, trade shows and seminars to stay informed of the latest industry trends. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer our clients an enjoyable experience, the best customer service around and the most advanced digital technology available. The best part? We LOVE what we do!

Why hire NolanSkipper Studios?
Nearly everyone has a digital camera today... Uncle Joe, your best friend, your neighbor's sister.... The problem is very few have the skills associated with obtaining proper exposure, composition, lighting, posing and color management. We have proven our proficiency in the critical elements necessary to craft a timeless portrait with our Professional Photographer Certification from PPA. Currently, there are less than 2,000 Certified Professional Photographers nationwide.
When you choose NolanSkipper Studios, you're getting TWO of them.

We are also experienced imaging artists. We will personally hand retouch the images we present to you to give you the beauty and quality you expect. Our creativity in the studio combined with our post processing abilities present you with beautiful works of art that only a skilled artisan can offer.

PEOPLE are our specialty! We photograph all aspects of the life cycle including maternity, birth, newborns (up to 10 days), infants & toddlers, school aged children, seniors, engagements, weddings, families, & special events. You can trust us to ensure your memories are captured in a way that you'll cherish for a lifetime.